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About our products

Our mission at Elly Lu is to create a sustainable toy from the ground up. Our toys are made with organic fabrics that are grown without the use of pesticides, GMO's, and synthetic fertilizers, and dyed with GOTS approved dyes. They are ethically manufactured in Garments without Guilt factories which align with Fair Trade principles. We are passionate about giving back which is why we have chosen to donate a portion of sales to various charities and non-profits. We give back to those that support children in need or rehabilitate threatened and endangered animals.

As parents and teachers, we also want to create toys that can be used as a tool to educate our children.  Every toy comes with a hang tag that includes an interesting fact about the animal. Even Cupcake the unicorn comes with a historical fun fact!

Lastly, we wanted to make our toys bright and fun with personalities of their own. We hope you can find just the toy you have been looking for!

For more information about our products see below:

  • Our products are made with organic cotton that aligns with GOTS standards, filled with organic cotton and organic buckwheat hulls, and dyed with GOTS approved dyes and are OCS certified.
  • The buckwheat hulls have been thoroughly cleaned to remove any wheat residue. They are free of wheat or gluten byproduct, making them an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic filling option.  
  • Our toys have been tested to meet the highest quality and safety standards.
  • All of our toys' features are either printed or embroidered on making them a safe toy for ages 0+*
  • To find out where we donate please visit our "Where We Give" page. You can also find out where we donate by clicking through our products in our "Shop!" section.
  • All toys and characters are copyrighted.

* Always supervise infants or young children when playing with any toy 

Why Choose Organic?

Organic cotton is a sustainable crop that uses less water, less energy, and is grown naturally. This is without the use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and Genetically Modified Organisms. Forgoing the use of these chemicals preserves the soil and protects the health of the people and animals in the communities where it is grown. It also keeps our dolls and stuffed animals free of toxins and thus provides a safe, non-toxic toy for our children and customers. 

We choose organic cotton because it is better for our planet and better for all of us. 

Buckwheat hulls are a byproduct of buckwheat milling. They have been thoroughly cleaned to remove any buckwheat flour residue and are considered an environmentally friendly hypoallergenic option for filling.

We use GOTS approved dyes which are environmentally friendly and free of harmful substances.